Monday, September 12, 2011

Black Friday Magnavox mdr515h digital HD recording

Are you boring about your DVD-Player ? Today We want to introduce Black Friday Magnavox mdr515h 500GB HDD and DVD-R with Digital Tuner. We purchased the Black Friday Magnavox MDR515H back in July to switch a Zenith DVD/VCR recorder our son had. Are we tend to ever GLAD we tend to bought this machine! we tend to record variety of TV shows on the HD and it's therefore COOL to not got to worry regarding "rewinding" or "fastforwarding" to seek out where an explicit show begins. straightforward to skip through commercials with this unit, and then, when we're done watching the show, simply DELETE and unlock some house for a lot of shows. And with five hundred GB of house, no drawback of running wanting time to record. No a lot of Video Taping for us! Digital is that the thanks to go!

I really like how you'll watch a part of a show, return to TV or different recorded programs, then return to precisely where you left off with the first show. Black Friday Magnavox MDR515H We've scan the nice AND unhealthy reviews, we've solely had this unit for a month and hope we'll get plenty of use out of this machine.

The only drawback we've had is after we place one thing sort of a concert on DVD and create a chapter mark for starting of every tune, they're going to work on the Magnavox MDR515H, however not on the other DVD player or pc. unsure why. we tend to use DVD+R disks and got a suggestion to do the DVD-R's instead. Black Friday Magnavox MDR515H has anyone else had this problem? Do the "minus" R's create the difference?

Product Features

  • Dolby Digital Stream Out
  • HDMI Output
  • 1080p Up Conversion
  • Records up to 620hrs onto 500GB HDD
  • Provides 4-way dubbing (HDD to DVD, DVD to HDD, DV to HDD, DV to DVD)

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